What topics should I include in an alumni newsletter?

Bennett Quigley
November 30, 2023

An alumni newsletter is a periodic publication aimed at keeping former members of a fraternity or sorority informed and engaged with the undergraduate chapter.

These alumni newsletter topics have been instrumental in creating a series of engaging and informative newsletters for our alumni:

Let’s dive deeper into these topics:

Alumni Updates

Keep everyone in the loop about what alumni are up to. Highlight career moves, family milestones, and personal achievements. Share current cities, job titles, and yes, even email addresses for those who want to reconnect. It's like a mini-directory for catching up and networking.

Recent Alumni Event Summary

Share a brief recap of the latest alumni gathering. Include photographs. Who attended? What were the highlights? Make those who couldn't attend feel like they were there and motivate them to attend the next one.

Alumni Photos

Include recent photos and dig into the archives for those nostalgic gems from decades ago. These photos are not just images; they're invitations to reminisce and reconnect.

Upcoming Alumni Events

Advance notice is key. Detail upcoming events with dates and venues. Give enough lead time for members to plan their attendance, 2-3 months is best. Remember, early invitations are better than last-minute reminders.

Lost Alumni List

Feature a section for alumni you've lost touch with. Encourage everyone to help update the records and reconnect with those members.

General Chapter Update

Quick updates on chapter life - scholarships, awards, new members. Also, always include contact information for chapter leaders for easy outreach.

Gift Acknowledgement

Recognize those who've contributed. A simple list of names can go a long way in showing appreciation and encouraging others to give.

Recruitment Reccomendation Form

Make it easy for alumni to recommend potential new members with a simple form or link included in the newsletter.

Alumni Profile

A short, engaging interview or write-up about a notable alumni. Focus on stories or experiences that are amusing or inspiring.

Campus News

Brief updates about significant changes on campus – new buildings, major renovations. A photo or two would be great for visual appeal.

House Corporation and Regional Alumni Club News

Key updates from the house corporation and regional clubs. Keep it concise but informative.

Outstanding Member Achievements

Spotlight on undergraduates who are making waves – academically, socially, or in leadership.

Geographic Member Breakdown

A quick look at where alumni are now based, potentially sparking regional meetups or networking.

Job and Internship Listings

A practical section for job and internship opportunities, aiding members in their professional journeys.

Alumni Relations Comittee Contact Info

Essential for keeping the communication lines open. Include names, emails, and phone numbers.

Chapter Wishlist

Be transparent about what the chapter needs, beyond just money. This can encourage more targeted and meaningful contributions.

Nationals News

Updates from the national level - conventions, key initiatives, and notable donations.

Founder's Day Feature

Interview with a founding or early member. (If applicable)

Monthly Topics

Here are some monthly topics you can consider adding to your newsletter:


- Convention Recap: (In convention years) Details on convention outcomes, bylaw changes.

- Executive Committee Introduction: Present the committee and outline fall and annual goals.

- Recruitment Schedule: Invite alumni to recruitment events.


- Philanthropy: Update on the chapter's philanthropic activities. (If applicable)

- Pledging Status: Information on pledge progress, numbers, and initiation date.


- Initiation Details: Reminder or update on initiation.

- Contact Update Info: Instructions for updating contact details with chapter and fraternity, plus local alumni chapter contacts.


- Initiation Report: Attendee details (specifically alumni), new member introductions.

- Graduating Seniors: Acknowledgment and farewells.

- Donation Recap: Recap donations from the semester (if applicable)


- Chapter Status Update: Progress on set goals, focus for the year ahead.

- New Executive Members: Introduction of any new committee members.


- Alumni and Faculty Spotlights: Profiles and articles.

- Chapter Goals: Outline of current goals.


- Yearly Summary: Recap of the year's events and highlights.

- Graduating Seniors: Farewell to seniors.

- Convention Reminder: (In convention years) Convention details, attendee information.

- Contact Update Info: Reminder to update contact details and local alumni chapter info.

- Year in Review Media: Link to photos/videos summarizing the year.

As we've seen, the right mix of topics can breathe life into an alumni newsletter, transforming it from a mere update into a vital link between past and present members. Focus on relevant content, from alumni achievements to organizational news. You want to create a publication that not only informs but also inspires.

What topics have worked well for you?

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Bennett Quigley
November 30, 2023