12 Fraternity Alumni Relations Events

Bennett Quigley
November 28, 2023

Alumni events are a great way to engage your alumni and keep them connected with the undergraduate chapter. Before hosting alumni events, be sure to check out our Guide on Alumni Relations to build connections with your alumni.

These 12 events helped our chapter go from having no events for a few years (thanks, covid) to having a few successful events every year:

Be sure to give plenty of notice before events, 2-3 months is best, to have a good turnout.

1. Homecoming

Homecoming is an annual event that reunites university alumni with their alma mater, strengthening bonds between current students and the alumni network. Originating in the early 20th century, homecoming was established to encourage alumni to revisit their colleges, becoming a key fraternity event to celebrate brotherhood and tradition.

Homecoming Activities

Typical homecoming events include:

  • Football games or other sporting events
  • Parades showcasing university and fraternity history.
  • Formal dinners for socializing and networking.
  • Ceremonies to honor distinguished alumni.

These activities connect alumni with their college memories. Homecoming is crucial for maintaining an active alumni network, fostering a sense of belonging and continuity within the fraternity community.

Organizing a Successful Homecoming Event

For a successful event:

  • Begin planning early.
  • Use multiple communication channels for outreach.
  • Ensure events cater to all alumni, considering different ages and interests.
  • Provide engagement opportunities between alumni and current members.
  • Offer memorabilia as a reminder of the fraternity's legacy.

Effective organization and execution of these elements can make homecoming a memorable and unifying event for the fraternity.

2. Tailgates

Tailgating is a pre-game social event put on by fraternities, particularly before football games. It's an occasion for alumni and current members to socialize, featuring a lively and festive atmosphere.

Tailgating Activities

Fraternity tailgating events typically include:

  • Barbecues: A central feature, offering a variety of foods.
  • Games: Like cornhole, frisbee, and other casual sports to engage members and alumni.
  • Music: Either live or through speakers, to create an upbeat atmosphere.

These activities contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance, making tailgating a cherished part of fraternity events.

Organizing a Successful Tailgate

Effective tailgating requires:

  • Selecting an accessible location.
  • Offering diverse food and drink options.
  • Providing entertainment like games and music.
  • Ensuring necessary logistics are in place.
  • Communicating event details in advance to members and alumni.

Tailgating enhances alumni engagement by providing a casual setting for reconnecting and fostering relationships. It's an opportunity for alumni to revisit their college experiences and stay connected with the fraternity.

3. Initiation Weekend

Initiation Weekend is a key event in fraternities, marking new member inductions. It's an ideal opportunity for inviting alumni, allowing them to witness the fraternity's ongoing traditions and growth. Their presence adds historical depth to the ceremony and connects past and present fraternity members.

Consider organizing events like:

  • A pre-initiation welcome dinner for alumni to reconnect.
  • Involve them in the initiation process, including speaking roles.
  • Meet-and-greet sessions for personal interactions.
  • A post-initiation celebration, such as a brunch, for alumni and new members to socialize.

Initiation Weekend serves dual purposes: welcoming new members and reinforcing alumni bonds. Involving alumni in these events highlights the fraternity's heritage and supports its future growth.

4. Founder's Day

Founder's Day is a key event for fraternities, celebrating the chapter's establishment and history. It's an ideal occasion for alumni and current members to honor the chapter's legacy.

Founder’s Day Suggestions

For a Founder's Day celebration, consider:

  • Historical Displays: Showcasing old photos and memorabilia to highlight the chapter's history.
  • Speeches by Founding Members: Inviting founders or influential alumni to share their experiences.
  • Awards Ceremony: Recognizing notable alumni and undergraduates for their contributions.

Budget Considerations

To address budget constraints:

  • Seek Alumni Support: Encourage financial contributions from alumni.
  • Choose Budget-Friendly Options: Opt for cost-effective catering and decoration.
  • Shared Costs Approach: Have both alumni and current members contribute to the expenses.

Founder's Day is an opportunity to pay tribute to the fraternity's origins and celebrate its journey, reinforcing the connection within the fraternity.

5. Golf Tournament

A golf tournament can be a fantastic event for fraternity alumni relations, combining leisure, competition, and socializing. Here's how to organize it effectively:

Setting Up the Tournament

  • Contact a local golf course to host the tournament. Choose a course that's accessible and suitable for all skill levels.
  • Go for a 'scramble' format. This team-based approach is beginner-friendly, where all players tee off, the best shot is selected, and everyone plays their next shot from that spot.
  • Organize teams in a way that mixes alumni and current members.


  • Registration: Set up a registration process for participants, including entry fees if applicable. This can help in managing numbers and arranging teams.
  • Equipment and Gear: Ensure that there are options for renting or borrowing golf equipment for those who might not have their own.
  • Event Schedule: Plan the day's schedule, including start times, breaks, and the awards ceremony.

Other Activities

  • Awards Ceremony and Dinner: Conclude the event with an awards ceremony to recognize the winning team, and possibly other categories like 'Best Shot'. Follow this with dinner, offering a chance for further socializing and networking.
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships: Consider seeking sponsorships from local businesses or alumni who own businesses, which can help with costs and add a professional touch to the event.
  • Additional Activities: Include side activities, like a putting contest or a raffle, to keep everyone engaged, regardless of their golfing abilities.

A golf tournament is more than just a sporting event; it's a unique opportunity to bring together fraternity members of all ages and skill levels. With proper planning and a focus on inclusivity, it can become a highlight in the fraternity's calendar of alumni events.

6. Alumni Speaker Series

The Alumni Speaker Series invites distinguished alumni to share their post-graduation experiences and insights, celebrating their achievements and offering guidance to current fraternity members.

Objectives of the Series

Goals of the series include:

  • Inspire current members through alumni success stories and challenges.
  • Encourage alumni to guide younger members.
  • Keep alumni connected and involved.

Selecting Speakers

Speaker selection criteria:

  • Choose alumni with diverse backgrounds, representing various industries and experiences.
  • Consider alumni with significant contributions in their fields.
  • Select individuals influenced by their fraternity experience.

Event Format and Setting

Possible formats:

  • Lectures for or detailed topic exploration.
  • Q&A Sessions that are interactive and responsive.
  • Panel discussions to offer diverse viewpoints.

Events can be held at the fraternity house, campus venues, or online.

Engaging Attendees

Enhance engagement with pre-event surveys for topic/question collection and organize networking opportunities with speakers.

Documenting and Sharing Sessions

Record and archive sessions on the fraternity website or social media, using highlight reels for key insights.

The Alumni Speaker Series is a key initiative for connecting alumni with current members, enriching the fraternity experience and fostering a supportive network.

7. Rush Events

Alumni presence at rush events is invaluable in showcasing the enduring connections and robust network of the fraternity. Their participation demonstrates to potential new members (PNMs) the long-term benefits and opportunities that the fraternity offers.

Facilitating Connections Between Alumni and PNMs

It's crucial to introduce PNMs to alumni with whom they share common interests, academic pursuits, or career aspirations. This targeted approach fosters more personal and relevant connections, making the fraternity experience more appealing to the PNMs.

Showcasing Alumni Success Stories

Incorporate segments where alumni share their stories and how the fraternity contributed to their achievements. This can be done through short speeches, Q&A sessions, or panel discussions, providing real-life examples of the fraternity's impact.

Alumni involvement in rush events is a strategic approach to demonstrate the fraternity’s commitment to building lifelong connections. This not only enhances the appeal of the fraternity to PNMs but also strengthens the overall fraternity network, ensuring a legacy of support and success.

8. Home Renovation Projects

Home renovation projects present an excellent opportunity for fraternity members and alumni to collaborate and contribute to the upkeep and improvement of the fraternity house. These projects not only enhance the physical space but also strengthen the bonds between members and alumni.

Organizing Renovation Days

  • Identify essential house repairs and updates.
  • Choose a date for members and alumni to work together.
  • Allocate tasks based on individual skills and interests.

Involving Alumni

  • Reach Out to Alumni: Invite alumni to participate, emphasizing the opportunity to contribute to the fraternity's legacy and reconnect with the community.
  • Utilize Alumni Expertise: Alumni with experience in construction, design, or related fields can offer valuable guidance and leadership on projects.

Making It a Social Event

  • Food and Beverages: Plan to provide food and beverages as a thank you to the volunteers. This can range from a simple barbecue to a more elaborate dinner.
  • Socializing Opportunities: Ensure there are opportunities for socializing and reminiscing about fraternity life, both during the work and in a more relaxed setting afterward.

Benefits of Renovation Projects

  • Directly enhance the living conditions of the fraternity house.
  • Strengthen fraternity bonds through collaborative efforts.
  • Offer a meaningful way for alumni to contribute and stay connected.

Renovation projects not only improve the fraternity house but also foster a sense of unity and shared purpose among members and alumni.

9. Cookout

Cookouts are a staple of fraternity life, offering a relaxed environment for alumni and current members to mingle over good food. The key to a successful cookout is in the preparation.

Organizing the Event

  • Ensure you have all the necessary equipment - grills, utensils, charcoal or gas, and serving dishes.
  • Keep the menu simple but delicious. Classic cookout foods like burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and an assortment of sides work well.
  • Cook food in batches to ensure everything is served hot and fresh. Having a few members dedicated to grilling can keep things organized and efficient.

Creating an Engaging Atmosphere

  • Games and Activities: Set up games like cornhole, frisbee, or volleyball. These activities are great icebreakers and provide entertainment for guests.
  • Music: A good playlist can set the mood. Consider a mix of genres to cater to different tastes or even a live DJ if the budget allows.
  • Alumni Engagement: Encourage current members to engage with alumni. Cookouts are an excellent opportunity for alumni to share their experiences and for current members to network and seek guidance.

Final Touches

  • Ensure there's enough seating and tables. Picnic blankets can add a casual touch for additional seating.
  • Offer a variety of drinks, including non-alcoholic options. Ensure there are enough coolers with ice to keep drinks cold.
  • Have a plan for post-event cleanup. Assigning responsibilities beforehand helps in managing this efficiently.

A well-organized cookout is more than just a meal; it's a chance to strengthen fraternity bonds in a laid-back setting. Through good food, fun activities, and meaningful conversations, cookouts foster a sense of community and continuity among the fraternity's current and former members.

10. Softball Tournament

A softball tournament is another simple tournament-style event that works well with alumni. Here's how to organize it effectively:

Setting Up the Tournament

  • Choose a suitable date and find a local field that can accommodate the tournament. Your college may let you reserve the softball field.
  • Decide on the tournament structure, such as round-robin or knockout stages, and the rules of the game.
  • Encourage mixed teams of alumni and current members to promote interaction across different years.


  • Registration: Set up a registration process for participants, including entry fees if applicable. This can help in managing numbers and arranging teams.
  • Equipment and Gear: Ensure that there are options for renting or borrowing bats and gloves for those who might not have their own.
  • Event Schedule: Plan the day's schedule, including start times and breaks.
  • Awards: Plan for trophies or medals for the winning team and other notable achievements.

A softball tournament is a valuable event for uniting fraternity members across different ages and skills. Well-planned and inclusive, it's a standout in the fraternity's alumni event calendar.

11. Sporting Events

A fantastic way to engage fraternity alumni and current members is by organizing outings to local sporting events. Whether it's major league excitement or unique events like midget wrestling, these outings offer a blend of entertainment and fraternity.

Research local options and check what’s in season – from minor league baseball to major league games, or even niche sports events in your area. Reach out to the sales departments of these teams or event organizers. They tend to offer discounts for group bookings, making the event more accessible for a larger number of members and alumni.

Some examples of sporting events are:

  • Major League Games (NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB)
  • College Sports
  • Minor League Sports
  • Soccer Matches, such as MLS
  • Niche Events (Midget wrestling, roller derby, martial arts)
  • Motorsports (NASCAR, drag racing, or motocross)
  • Golf Tournaments (PGA)

Consider organizing a get-together before or after the event. This could be a simple meet-up at a local eatery or a gathering at the fraternity house. Encourage everyone to wear letters or something to represent the chapter, and don’t forget to take photos for memories and social media.

12. Casino Night

Casino Night brings a casino's excitement to the fraternity, offering a night of games and connection for alumni and current members.

Planning and Preparation

  • Transform the fraternity house or an external venue into a casino setting.
  • Include games like blackjack, poker, and roulette; consider professional dealers for authenticity or get alumni involved as guest dealers to add a unique element to the event.
  • Plan for costs and explore alumni contributions or sponsorships.
  • Send engaging invites to alumni. Consider adding a casino theme to your invites.


  • Research casino rental companies in your area.
  • Use play money or tokens. This ensures the night remains light-hearted and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their gambling experience.
  • Set up a prize system for winners.
  • Offer a variety of food and drinks.‍

Wrapping Up the Night

After the event, set up a designated area for attendees to network and engage in further conversations. Following the event, send a message to participants with highlights and details about upcoming fraternity events to maintain engagement.

Be sure to tailor these events to your chapter’s traditions and campus-wide events and give alumni plenty of notice to have a good turnout.

What alumni events have worked well for your chapter?

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Bennett Quigley
November 28, 2023