9 Fraternity and Sorority Merchandise Essentials [2024]

Fraternity and sorority merchandise isn’t just about looking good - it’s about feeling connected. Whether it's showcasing your chapter during rush week or bonding over alumni weekends, a good merch product can elevate the experience. Plus, with MyGreek, managing merch sales is simpler than ever. Set up a live store, handle private orders, or coordinate bulk purchases with our exclusive partner, SSPrinting, all through one seamless platform.

Here are the top 9 essential fraternity and sorority merchandise items:

1. T-Shirts

T-Shirts are the quintessential Greek life apparel. T-shirts, whether for rush or general chapter events, come in various styles including classic, long-sleeve, and performance tees. Ideal for layering or wearing on their own, these are a must-have for any event.

2. Jackets

A good jacket offers both function and fraternity/sorority visibility. Quarter zips provide a polished look for leadership retreats or community service, while full zips are perfect for casual wear. Use MyGreek to offer these in your chapter’s store, where members can order them individually or in bulk for added discounts.

3. Sweatshirts

Ideal for the fall semester and as a cozy option for winter, custom sweatshirts can feature embroidered Greek letters or printed designs. 

4. Tank Tops

As spring approaches and temperatures rise, tank tops become a favorite. They’re perfect for Greek week, intramural sports, or just hanging out on campus.

5. Hats

From sunny days to cold nights, having a variety of hats available is essential. Caps keep the sun away during outdoor philanthropy events, beanies warm during chilly study nights, and bucket hats add fun to beach outings. MyGreek simplifies stocking different styles, allowing for easy customization and order management.

6. Polos

For chapters that want a cleaner look for formal events or golf tournaments, polos are perfect. Offering a range of materials and price points, MyGreek makes it simple to design, order, and distribute these polos with just a few clicks.

7. Flags

Large flags are not just décor but a symbol of pride during Greek events. They can be customized with chapter letters, crests, and much more.

8. Pants

Shorts and sweatpants branded with your fraternity or sorority’s symbol are Great for lounging or active wear.

9. Bottles

Stay hydrated in style with custom tumblers. Bottles can be personalized with Greek letters and colors.


Embracing the right merch can strengthen your chapter’s identity and unity. MyGreek makes it easy to select, customize, and manage your merch needs efficiently. Set up your chapter’s merch store today and start simplifying your merch management with MyGreek and SSPrinting. Experience how easy it is to keep your chapter stylish and spirited!

Bennett Quigley
April 17, 2024